Tuesday, December 20, 2011

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Following an intense period of analog familiarization with the range and enormity of available sounds in nature and exploration of space, I tried the only techniques then available to me, tape manipulation and speaker placements. http://www.archive.org/details/AnalogSoundingsWindinstancesRadioTalkingPictures The only coloration that I employed in this sound handling was through equalization, balancing and combining in mix-downs usind Sound Designer and Deck software. I have always monitored using nearly neutral sensors, my interest has been in configuring and juxtapositionings and in the presentation of sound in selected contexts- both human made and outdoors. http://rhizome.org/artbase/tag/telesuonoquad/   In the 1980s I constructed sound with 200-speakers through an Intel 8080 microprocessor which was used for teleperformances via satellite both indoors and out. http://rhizome.org/portfolios/artwork/31615/ My work centers around spatial concerns and I think produces an awareness of the psychological effects of sounds. The early microprocessor allowed for the manipulation of specific sounds through a cubed structure, the portable teleSuonoquad had lots of 5 inch speakers and which touched down in different environments. scroll down to teleSuonoquad: http://www.d.umn.edu/~lbrush/lbarchivesf4.html TeleSuonoQuad 1986-1990 acoustic shaping realtime...function: Portable recording studio (ear cleaning version: flautist and forest edge ambience) technique: Five planes of speakers and a cool grass carpet; on playback, synced reel-to-reel 4 track TEAC 3440 and 2 track REVOX PR99 host designated and wired speakers, e.g., outputting into 1 or assorted speaker clusters which are interchangeable at the behest of a person or persons occupying the wall less cube. Scenario: Six tracks in six months. Six tracks in as many days. Either way, time well spent evolving a spatial metmorphoses. Time, date, day are UTC/GMT synced. Hint: The birds and et cetera really circulate in your otherwise confined but flexible head space. You can't miss hearing the effects of the additive layerings. Walls giving way to realtime. tbc

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