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network to DEDEOLEN Netherlands

May 26, 1970-71  Received from Atlantic Satelllite: DE DEOLEN HALL ROTTERDAM and EUROPEAN REDO NETWORK, CUBE, DOT, CYLINDER, COUNTRYSIDE CONSTRUCTS USING AFFILIATE RADIO STATIONS (RedIceBERG, RedIcebergmemory pages 1206-1205). While SIMULTANEOUSLY {1} European REDO feeds back, via UHF microwave links,thunderstorm into DE DEOLEN HALL. (Image Rowley Island microwave and laser station) (2) This total phenomena playing (snow dots, thunderstorm column, windscube was re-relayed, via Atlantic Satellite on the two-way channel to ROWLEY ISLAND BAFFIN ISLAND (see world aeronautical to the left) This composite, audible generation-input resource is to be the basis for ultimate inputs into Telefunken & IBM computers. (Refer: AUDIBLE CONSTRUCTS PROPOSITION TO MFA/sound SCHOOLS, REDIceBerg pages from 1053. https://www.google.com/search?client=opera&rls=en&q=leif+brush,+rediceberg&sourceid=opera&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8


  1. '07 - '08 easing into Internet & net workings
    Besides ongoing DVD and CD releases, I am easing into an Internet-related direction for my soundworks. The aim again is to continue seeking an identifying potentials for the imaging of sound. Moving forward, the meantime, with such an endeavor will involve a multitude of aural input: terrestrial and extraterrestrial sound sources, e.g. natural phenomena: wind and Sferics. A basic node or individual cluster involves coordination of X number of cellphone users: the international time/code system provides the synchronizing tone for sound sent by each cellphone from any Longitude and Latitude Earth position. When a complete cluster is gathered and combined, the individual cellphone tones are precisely aligned in rows top to bottom, with a sound editing software, and may be digital signal processed (DSP). This can offer a basic experience and intro to spatial-position-listening for either headphone or using any combination-of-speakers listening. In tandem with producing audio output, it is hoped that a near future processing of these sounds could pass through a video synthesizer and that this might lead to a temporary answer about sound and its image-toward 'telesuonovision,' MITs holovideo.

  2. keywords segue. URLs
    terrestrial http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrestrial, extraterrestrial http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extraterrestrial_life, phenomena http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_phenomenon, Sferics http://www.spaceweather.com/glossary/inspire.html, digital signal processing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_signal_processing, node http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Node_(networking), UTC http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coordinated_Universal_Time, GMT http:en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenwich_Mean_Time, GPS http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_Positioning_System, clusters http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_cluster, video synthesizer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_synthesizer, holovideo- http://www.media.mit.edu/spi/holoVideoAll.htm http://www.lucente.us/pubs/2004sab.htm http://www.holovideo.com/
    WWW pages stitching phenomena- (defunct)http://earthguest.net/stitchingLASSOO.htm
    DSPING & SCENARIOS- (defunct) http://earthguest.net/to_fro_DSPng.htm cellphone projects & projects- (defunct) http:earthguest.net/07ARCHIVEindex.htm#anchor222924 soundworks, scroll down to leifbrush- http://www.acowo.org/artists3.php

  3. 1972-72 DRAFT MONITOR
    FUNCTION: This sound sculpture/construction monitors and amplifies wind gusts and drafts using sensors on wire strandage, including hair-thin stainless steel from a wire recorder, of varying types and diameters; each wire strand is tuneable; sound from each, via the transducer, is mixed prior to amplification. Tuning may be accomplished through altering strandage tensions, and monitoring possibilities may be varied by changing sensor placements. When these constructions are substituted for all windows in a structure, input and output drafts from all directions may be orchestrated directly into your headphones or HIFI. Wood and metal construction, 1974 TECHNIQUE: hardware store "found object;" each having a sensor attached to individual strands with finger-warmed bees wax; plug mixer output into hi-fi; watch out during fly attacks or blown-in particulate matter which produce concussive hi-tinks and/or deep bonk amplifier overloads.

  4. DRAFT MONITOR...KEYWORDS: audio mixer, wire recorder, pre amplifier, accelerometer; sensor, sound THIS IS A SOUND EXAMPLE OF DraftMonitorSE.aif which is also included with other Terrain Instruments in 7-TerraInstrument soundworks--below
    URLs: Other views-http://www.d.umn.edu/~lbrush/lbarchivese.html
    Definition of Sound-http://www.audioholics.com/education/acoustics-principles/physics-tutorial-2-the-physics-of-hearing
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noise Brownian noise-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_noiseLO-FI-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lo-fi
    Subaudible tone-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subaudible_tone
    Acoustic ecology-http://www.acousticecology.org/
    http://www.microflown.com/ (((see their page movie)))
    wire-recorder-http://www.recording-history.org/HTML/wire5.php (((namesake-but no family connection)

  5. >>2-4-2007> windwitnessing <
    29-3-2007+ leif BRUSH - PARSING W I N D S (CD),
    released by windwitnessing...start to finish there's analog side by side w/solar plug in: switch on intercession, interweave wind gusts w/lobbed bursts...and welcome Thor who eventually exits w/friend 60cycle Hum ...[ go there ] Hello leif brush, here is your EARLabs news of 2-4-2007 we have our RSS service online again. go here to read more about it. Our current DIGGity top 10: Earth Monkey Productions - 191 DIGGs SERIES - 161 DIGGs test tube - 153 DIGGs Mirakelmusik - 136 DIGGs Ogredung - 112 DIGGs LuvSound - 99 DIGGs empreintes DIGITALes - 81 DIGGs Audiobulb Records - 72 DIGGs con-v - 58 DIGGs Alces2 - 57 DIGGs
    Check those labels out! They are obviously well appreciated!! New in the list is Alces2. enjoy
    EARLabs staff

  6. DN original ownerships (re my'stitching phenomena' concepts)
    29-3-2007+ : mr stitch
    you may know a shorter version for a month+ registrars fight over ownership to dozens of domain names mine among them (defunct) http://windwitnessing.net.cn/wavevibes.htm's detour is (defunct)http://earthguest.net/wavevibr.htm thanks for your ears Mr Stitch's friend....(defunct)http://earthguest.net/wavevibr.htm... btw originals as PDFs...

    29-3-2007+ : clear the air
    corrected more www info below....

  7. *****Web Services: Domainz is hosting your website at www.windwitness.net.nz FTP Username windwitness.net.nz FTP Password b5o330 The Domainz Team...Dear Customer, Iblackwhole...http://multipop.domainbuster.com/...POP Account: postmaster Domain Name: passaroundsound.co.uk
    Password: by6odlbn...>optic and sonic oasis>>Info: www.tanzinsicht.de...HIP-O-PHON Stairwell Interactive sound sculpture by CHRISTOPHER BLENKINSOP and KLAUS WAGNER with music by the 17 HIPPIES A long ignored and almost forgotten wooden stairwell in the Ballhaus Naunynstraße will be filled with a sound installation by the 17 Hippies. Organ pipes up to 10 meters in length will create sound with material from their successful project Sexy Ambient Hippies. Visitors will traverse an optic and sonic oasis. http://www.d.umn.edu/~lbrush/soundworks.html

  8. von DON RITTER (Kanada, Berlin) Six modified 1960’s http://www.aesthetic-machinery.com/
    http://www.aesthetic-machinery.com/videos.html telephones are placed on tables in a darkened room, each randomly ringing with a distinctive sound. When a phone is picked up by a viewer, ?om? is heard through the handset and through the speaker in the body of the phone. When additional phones are picked up, the resulting ?om? sounds will pan through all active phones, producing 2,3,4,5, or 6 channel
    panning. When a viewer picks up a phone when it is not ringing, dial tone is presented. When all 6 phones are picked up simultaneously, additional sounds fill the room and complex 6 channel pannings surround the viewers.>>The Telephone Finally Earns its Keep<< http://www.d.umn.edu/~lbrush/lbarchivesg3.html ((scroll down))

  9. UNSUBSCRIBE 'original owner' INSTRUCTIONS
    GoDaddy.com NOTE: If you have multiple accounts with us, you must opt out of all of them so the mailings will be fully discontinued. >>Domain ID:D2576032-MOBI Domain Name:PASSAROUNDSOUNDNET.MOBI...Domain ID:D2576031-MOBI Domain Name:PASSAROUNDSOUND.MOBI Created On:26-Oct-2007 16:24:41 UTC Last Updated On:07-Oct-2010 09:09:55 UTC
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  10. https://www.google.com searchclient=opera&rls=en&q=selfbroadcasting+trees&sourceid=opera&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8#hl=en&client=opera&hs=ZUk&rls=en&sa=X&ei=387wTtazN6fX0QHtmpyeAg&ved=0CBgQvgUoAA&q=selfbroadcasting+trees&nfpr=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=18ab501be887c549&biw=780&bih=470
    ******* Terrain Instruments
    http://www.d.umn.edu/~lbrush/lbarchivesb.html http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Inside+out:+art's+new+terrain-a0133644336 http://shopping.yahoo.comsearch;_ylc=X3oDMTIzOTVxaTRxBF9TAzc4NDcxNzI0MARfcwMxNDQ4OTExNQRwcnRucl9pZAMyMTE4MTE4BHNlYwNhZmZpbGlhdGUEc2xrA2xhbmRpbmc-?rd=1&p=Terrain&view=g&AID=10473284&PID=2118118&SID=CTTys12k298104-42980
    viral symphOny now @ UBU Submitted by Joseph Nechvatal on Wed, 2007-07-25 12:34. You may download viral symphOny now at UBU here:
    http://mediamogul.seas.upenn.edu/pennsound/authors/Nechvatal/Nechvatal-Joseph_Viral-Syphony_2007.mp3 cultures backbone numbed primitive ears; ITUNES'll earclean our ears mechanical only? earlisten!
    (teleconstructed) Internet
    Lat. & Long. "soundtracks" from neighbors to global neighbors
    ******* http://post.thing.net/node/1531

  11. Also in 2001, with the support of Greenpeace, David Monacchi, composer and sound artist, researcher in acoustic ecology, travelled to the Brazilian Amazon to collect sound samples from the equatorial rainforest. From 30 hours of extraordinary sound recordings, he composed the electroacoustic opera Fragments of a Sonic World in Extinction. He wrote, "During my last trip to Amazon, my primary focus was to record the complexity of the sonic habitats of a primary old-growth forest along the equator, where the most ancient ecosystems are still alive today. It is along the equator that days are equal to nights year round and where natural rhythms are impressively regular and in balance." Monacchi will discuss his Amazon journeys. He'll also present selections from his documentary recordings and the compositions that derived from them.More http://www.emfproductions.org/year0708/e2eExplorers.html
    In 2005 and 2006, under the auspices of the Argentine Antarctic Program, multimedia artist Andrea Juan travelled to the Antarctic Peninsula where she created and presented several video and multimedia installations collectively called The Antarctica Project. She writes, "I started The Antarctica Project in 2004 and continued working on it through the following years. I have stayed in the Marambio, Esperanza, Petrel, Matienzo and Jubany bases. I traveled by Icebreaker and in other kinds of ships across the Weddell Sea ... "More

  12. 1984 "Eckman layer" project >>>
    http://www.d.umn.edu/~lbrush/copper.jpg http://www.d.umn.edu/~lbrush/LScoppertoiletfloats.jpg
    transmitting copperbuoys, NE Lake Superior A grid of 28 flexibly-tied new copper toilet floats, solar panels and individual FM transmitters broadcast to any FM radios tuned-in along the north shore roadway from moveable Lake Superior shoreline vantages.Positioning of the floating plane was a buoyant grid with three foot spaces and were each kept in position with 1/4 inch, 3 foot long oak dowel rods. 28 frequencies were easily maintained because of the close proximity to a roughly paralleling road. There were more than enough vacancies on the FM dial for our use..able to hear ambient sound beneath and above water (included exercise balls to ride out high winds and wave conditions http://www.answers.com/topic/eckman-layer
    keywords hydrophone, flow monitor, accelerometer...

    this grid of flexibly-tied and buoyed large array of floats: where any FM radio tuned along Duluth's Lake Superior north shore scenic highway and from ships on Lake Superior would be

  13. http://www.d.umn.edu/~lbrush/MeadowPIANO.gif
    >19>Meadow Piano<72<, a kind of extended and updated Aeolian harp, sits in a large, relatively flat meadow space and is itself 1/16th mile long by 1/8th mile wide. Its horizontal planes (construction model below) arranged in layers from three feet to three hundred feet above ground, are made up of stainless steel strands of varying diameters; these accomplish an imaging process both audible (by means means of flat
    response transducers) and visual (through slow scan video) of snow, sleet, hail, rain and mist. The diagonal strands sense soft or gusty surface winds. The bottommost layer or grid gives a readout, again
    both audible and visually, of the complex thermal variations within the terrain, rising heat eddies, and the earth's ambient magnetism. There are touch sounds of raindrops amd snow drops and non touch sounds
    of concussive thunder and cricket choruses. Insect steps across the strands and the activity of spiders building night webs between strands is available for sensing and recording, as well as the approach of cold or warm fronts. The sudden interrution of light
    and heat caused by a passing cloud shadow is both seeable and hearable. This is in addition to what the ear might normally garner from the surface cusion sounds of a meadow: the grass whooshings, grasshoppers, red-winged blackbirds, bob-o-links, and snakes in the
    grass. http://www.d.umn.edu/~lbrush/MPianoplane.gif

  14. >>snow/particulate matter holographic imaging mode<<
    eddy holographic imaging mode photograph of 30X40" 1972 stone lithographicollage print: BraunSixtant dirigible passes above a monitoring plane, churns up turbulent and warm eddies...http://www.d.umn.edu/~lbrush/lbarchivesc1.html#anchor33428...BraunSixtant
    in a conceptual satellite uplinking Terraplane Chorography performance http://www.d.umn.edu/~lbrush/BraubSixtant.jpg
    12345678910MOBI testref pagehttp://weblackwhole.net/w2bw.htm#anchor16045
    red rover redrover cellphone-syncing neighbor to neighbor invisible LatLong boundaries helium balloons...EXPERIMENTAL MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS VOLUME VII #6, JULY 1992 Richard Waters’ Waterharp; Terrain Instruments by Leif Brush; air column acoustics part II; an early color organ/spectrum analyzer; whistles from beach rocks; Liza Carbé’s Zil; listing of recent articles in other periodicals.

  15. soft_skinned_space
    SUBJECT: 'email broadcast thoughts as personal possessions'
    Johanna and Davin
    'I've read your participatory and laudable posts in these early days of twentyten and paused on a few thoughts': "cultural scaffolding," and "high art high stakes game". 'It's "open-ended experiential relation* to viewers." with which I'd like to respond in a moment. Later, I zeroed in on a Davin Heckman's paragraph.' It was rife with open-endedness: "As always, where somebody begins is an interesting thing. But where people are going, or trying to go, is much more so. It is always fascinating when someone betrays their narrow interests in favor of broader ones....Or when someone unexpectedly questions their own biases. Even if people end up in the wrong place, there is something to be said for effort, intention, affect, etc." cont

  16. Leif (homage to friend Walter Maiolo):
    Eventually, collating allowed me to scoop selected portions from these discussion-waters, self-aligning and attempting to segue into retro-reflective mirrorings. Upon intercepting, I seek enhancements to any open ended participations/connections, expect to share a self-sustaining and ongoing whole. Tagging along is not me. However, mind voice networking* is, represented by these grabbed instances*; for me, this is intuitively based and responds to those particular cues provided from the selected excerpts (albeit frozen from their contexts; my analogy's that source (water) gushes upwards from beneath a thin sheet of ice, moves onward, flowing atop and continues its hydrological cycle over the flat frozen plane. cont

  17. My original exposures to the landscape paralled childhood perceptions, were organic, atmospheric and sound-laden based. They -retrospectively- instilled the motivation underlying instruction throughout my audible constructs studio-based classes. Being thus informed, I also relied on Instinction and the distinct recall of experiential memories. Lying on my back - in mid March- while peering skyward through a spiny, berry-laden barberry bush,* the clearly lighted peripheral imagery fanned widely, encompassing much sky and hosting west-to-east moving Cumulus clouds. This wide-angle viewing accompanied the coordinated reception by my ears and nose. It was a long term memory resource where simultaneously occurring instances revealed and distinctly identified contextual elements as whole: conjoining listening and air-warmed aromas with seeing globals basics as primitive people surely must have beheld.
    memories of lying beneath a barberry bush as a seven year old

  18. Whois Results: WINDWITNESSING.NET.CN Registrant Contact:
    stitching phenomena Leif BRUSH (lgb@freetoears.net)
    Creation date: 20 Dec 2004 02:24:06
    Expiration date: 20 Dec 2008 02:24:06 ns17.hostingfly.com...oncall global "artifact soundtracks" monitored cellphonically
    *Zeroed realtime Latitude and Longitude coordinates are synced as to day, date, using voiced GMT, WWV or GPS time code and would precede the cellphone-relaying of multitudenous realtime resources. Evolving and varied menus would mirror unique terrestrial and extraterrestrial vibrations and be network-clickable from seperate nodes. These distinct soundings clustered from Lat.-Long. cellphone positions may, on an individual basis, be passed around, shared, traded, archived and DSP-assembled prior to providing whole spatial and phenomena headphone and/or multiple speaker listening. This realtime "nerve" stream, of course, is highlighted on menus from which you may hear Earth's artifacts- in this lifetime.
    generation input cont.

  19. Each 039e6680313ae855353178971a81bbdc is to be entered in the form of a concept description. This description should explain the essentials of the idea and how it could be realized in terms of technical details (hardware and software), production tasks, and spatial requirements. Please note that the jury’s decision will be based primarily on the concept description and the production plan, so please be sure that the information provided in your entry is as specific as possible.
    The production plan should contain a clear description of the production tasks involved in the project, and an indication of whether the particular task is to be performed by the entrant personally or by someone else
    interactive spatial interface-The challenge is developing the projection medium to the point that it is invisible and nevertheless perceptible.
    Generational inputs are realtime, since the natural phenomena sources to be monitored are often "cyclic," and any such "recordings" should be ephemeral, in short or long term memory. The resultant offering is an aural and visual image and sound construction with interactive spatial interfaces and conjoins invisible winds as perceptible holographic imaging.
    spatial imaging essentials: constructing holograms from contextual-sounding wind...realtime data sends, via cell phones, from regional sites are synced using the international WWV/B time codes or UTC and each locale uses triaxial sensors. These are exposed to a common and prevailing wind front. Sensor outputs are assigned X Y Zs separately: to modulated laser for holographic displaying, and are mulitplexed time/space contexts. Internet streams are targeted. TECHNICAL DETAILS
    xyz-triaxial sensor/xyz-laser sensors, preamps
    DC mixer mux/demux

  20. lb replys to: [-empyre-] Re: no identity at all
    Friday,Th July Nov27,21 200703 9:07 AM -0400;
    [-empyre-] Welcome to the Bastard Space!
    Wednesday,Th August Nov1,21 200703 9:47 AM -0400;

    Upon signing on here this year I have, 'til this time, not been moved to respond/write/post...lb-Well echoed gh. A wee background. In Chicago art school (SAIC) the painting, drawing and other "foundation" instructors reacted to my surfacing of a longstanding interest I had in being a catalyst for natural sound resources both terrestrial and extraterrestrial. Their immediate responee to this personal direction was that the (1955 RCA Electronic) "music Ssnthesizer can create any sound you have in mind." "The BBCs sound archive has countless and decades-old sound effects from original cylinders to discs" Specifically regarding your comments hg, such awareness was immediately noticed in the 60s and 70s; however in the 80s, at my expense, I shipped my sound sculpture DRAFT MONITOR to Sharper Image at the behest of a 3rd party staffer. The item was prepaid when, rejected, it was return to me. Questions asked via USPS: could you make your windows fit most standard window sizes and what time line could you give us? In retrospect, this construction was but a stone from process road over which I continue to move.gh excerpted comments:
    [-empyre-] Re: no identity at all
    Friday,Th July Nov27,21 200703 9:07 AM -0400
    "I wasn't at Documenta. For most people of the world art is a dream or a rumor or something done by children. Within this reality art is an oddity that is used as a form of corporate communication or by governments to express power. The individual identity of the artist hardly matters for most art and the way that it is used. Corporate America's (and by extension global corporate hegemony) art forms are the commercial or advertisement, the hollywood movie and popular music(videos). All of these forms are collaborative and most do not celebrate the individuality of the artist. With pop music and film acting the artist turns themselves into a commodity. " gh excerpted comments: cont

  21. [-empyre-] Welcome to the Bastard Space!
    Wednesday,Th August Nov1,21 200703 9:47 AM -0400
    "Like all the other democratic art spaces online like youTube, everyone is an artist therefore no-one gets paid. This is the almost perfect global capitalist game. You take advantage of peoples natural desire to be creative and involved in art. You get them to create their own world and you get them to pay for it! This means they supply the labor for your product, they create the product and then they consume the product while you make the money. Amazing! As an artist I like the real world. I find that observing first life and discovering new ways to look at this world to be the crux of creativity. Second life is a sad reflection of real life. Second is stuck somewhere in the emotional level of junior high school. I suggest that all the people who engage in second life should make giant cartoon puppet heads and wear them around during there normal fist life activities to see what would happen. I believe that virtual worlds are for people who aren't able to engage in their real lives. It is a retreat from reality. "...USER earthguest (leif BRUSH)
    global concept: recontextualizing sound in art; on call network resource wind: Aeolian, Kite vibrational source The ephemeral, listening and seeing its imagery as a perpetual generational process of contextualized wind-witnessing via realtime combinations conjoined with terrestrial and extraterrestrial phenomena; global inputs from listener-participants who monitor and offer these physical sources to create a unique and temporally constructed wind-centered whole.
    Revisiting these sounds reinvigorate the present. The melding of natural energies is a satisfying human experience. The temporality inherent in wind-witnessing relies on the voltages from physical nature's realtime processes to offer this inclusive connection. An undeniably personal possession.