Monday, December 19, 2011

analog stitchings

v.2 FEB 07 cellphone-delivered GENERATION INPUTS your entries below will be copied and pasted into the GI archives page Lat & Long voiced begin time (wwv, UTC, mt) tone cue (?(x, y, z)) your personal id date duration where parked (url) send to {{{{give, take, borrow, trade}}}



  2. HE-NE laser
    vertical glass pegs are bathed in a modulated He-Ne laser light which fans-out so as to cover all bright white rods an arbitrary triangle is determined; those pegs within this boundary are top-fitted with caps having 1/2" front surface mirrors all are aimed toward a radiometer which is sensitive to very slight (root) movements when the Birch tree's moved by wind its trunk transfers these vibrations onto the root system it's a composite of vibrations; the nearest mirror produces the loudest sound at the radiometer and the more distant ones are fainter

  3. generation input cont.
    from discontinued pages 2005-2007; 1967 "Artefakte" physischen phenomena"- utopian proposal;"Trees of Knowledge" "The dominance of the visual in media art has broken down...." "The French media theorist Pierre Levy describes multimedia as belonging to a trajectory of planetary evolution that runs from DNA to cyberspace ­ an arc that follows pure information as it reaches towards its most evolved form of expression. He proposes that today's global networks will usher in an era of "collective intelligence," and suggests that "cyberspace constitutes a vast, unlimited field... designed to interconnect and provide interface for the various methods of creation, recording, communication and simulation."

  4. server / net participants / La 46' 50 N Lo 92' 11' W; GMT - 6:00 hours Central Time (WINNIPEG Canada);

    hemiSferics: windwitnessing+'s global concept: recontextualizing sound in art (updated)
    The ephemeral, listening and seeing its imagery as a perpetual generational process of contextualized wind-witnessing via realtime combinations conjoined with terrestrial and extraterrestrial phenomena; global inputs from listener-participants who monitor and offer these physical sources to create a unique and temporally constructed wind-centered whole. This witnessing project seeks to attach to the consciousness of people in a way not unlike the embedding of childhood sounds in long-term memory. Revisited sounds reinvigorate the present. The melding of natural energies is a satisfying human experience. The temporality inherent in wind-witnessing relies on the voltages from physical nature's realtime processes to offer this inclusive connection. An undeniably personal possession.
    mind voice networking; recordings?
    I feel no need. As our planet's clockwise motion slows further, changing cloud configurations appear as strangers to those who have spent their lives studying and archiving them. The availability of the internet enables me to satisfy years of conceptualizations about the playing of the world. I have begun to see the answers to my own questions about a world wired for what. : ...the a world wired for what'll need this info if you decide to become a participant:...What's your time zone...sound(s) and resources are you interested in:, monitorings of seasonal differences...and what hardware/software do now have? how will you input your soundcard?..& anything progress from 2005 Ret
    networking: recontextualizing sound in art
    key words: Terraplane Chorography 3 FM broadcasting from sites and/or originating an internet or passaroundsound stream FM radios and transmitters in neighborhoods each tuned to vacant frequencies may simultaneously receive and send onto other sites in the same block and. depending on the transmitting range of equipment used it would be possible
    to ascertain crawls into suburbs and countless city blocks.
    (FM transmitter for monitoring your location to anFM receiver & computer/Inter input); short range no FCC licenselonger range FCC license form; and both relay your sound from a site to your FM receiver/computer sensor background 1; 2terrain traversing sensor bots sensor robotic parts advanced sensors examples of sensors in use.... (each of the shown terrain instruments could be preamlified before mixdown to a stream) proceed to do it leif

  5. 1987 assisted memories performance in two parts
    slides / projected videos / spatial modulated laser soundings / twice-imported sun via front surface mirrorings / underground sounding
    underground sounding
    >>>> 1 >>Daytime installation views of parallel buried and overhead speakers: a "railroad track" of five inch buried speakers (sprayed with -water proofing-SCOTCH GUARD) covered with protective metal grilles and an overhead "trolley" system in next image.
    >>>> 2 >>Daytime installation views: overhead "trolley" system
    a>>>> 4 >>Daytime installation views: all spekares were monitored and controlled inside the studio from this "Lightning" device (tbc)
    >>>> 3 >>Daytime installation views:--Speakered "trolley" leading from the studio paralleling the overhead path .
    Overhead "trolly" speakers and the yet-to-be-buried speakers.
    >>>> 5 >>Daytime installation views: speakers snake between nearby trees and shrubs towards an out of sight pit.
    *the moonless midnight performance concluded from this pit with an amplified explosive underground fire. When it was bulldozed oped during the afternoon no one knew that we were within four feet of a natural gas pipeline.

  6. winds and de-constructed voting booth
    this 1971 Haloid print details highlights of the second major North Pole Hexagram"s objectives: a Major winds playing of the chaotic conflicting and concurrent wind patterns over Greenland, the Davis Strait and Baffin Island in Northern Canada using HeNelaser, microwave and the North American satellite to relay and transmit multiplexed data streams for the construction of these realtime soundings as "images" in DeDeolin Hall Holland
    related URLS:
    "aetherjukebox over deconstructed voteing booth" 1995 (adieu analog commemorative) installations, lights and interactive sound For instance, in the U.S. House Bill HR262, which asks that food products that are grown on sludge-treated lands be labled. (Sludge, or biosolids, is the solid material in waste water produced from human excrement, hospital wastes, industrial wastes and contaminents from city street run-off). Analog console details: Alphanumeric analog switches were provided for voteing with a telephone key pad. Verification and submit controls Voice, thumb and encoded index finger prints were used as ID. Sound installation for the casting of votes directly in city, state, county and national elections.

  7. today yesterday today
    Y O N Y

  8. Site Soundscapes
    Landscape architecture in the light of sound
    Per Hedfors Department of Landscape Planning Ultuna
    Uppsala Doctoral thesis Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Uppsala 2003 Brush, Leif. 1993. Aspects of the terrain instruments. Conf. proceedings “The Tuning of the World”, Banff, Canada, 8-14 Aug., vol. 2.

  9. 2007 stitching phenomena tips
    you'll need, mono preamplifier, cellphone, beeswax, attaching sensor cabling within access of the pre and for ?s
    the mono sensor w/1/8th inch phono plug can be attached to the windribbon in the next image...have this sensor available...grab a small chunk of beeswax and hold it firmly between your index and thumb fingers....grab the sensor with another thumb and grasp it firmly with the other index finger....after both have warmed, hold the sensor's top and press the sensor flat against the windribbon... keeping a finger against its backside to reinforce heat exchanging....this is a 1/2" solid brass length of wire I stretched between Birch trees...