Wednesday, December 21, 2011

1979 Anik/Westar satellite triangulation...

                  The significant Robert Smithson's lecture in 1969,
a Robert Raushenberg "Oracle" sound sculpture in the Art Institute of Chicago concluded with him suggesting that "artists should have their own satellite," and that sound had entered a major national gallery. The Smithson talk was held in SAIChicago's Fullerton Hall. In 1972, Leif and Gloria's MFAs were granted and the world's first National Communications Satellite: Anik A1 -"little brother" - from Hughes Aircraft, number HS333- was launched from the Canadian wilderness this same year. My subsequent fall university teaching occurred that fall at the University of Iowa (City) and Gloria taught at the Scattergood Friends School in West Branch Iowa . This 1979 conceptual comemorative- '79triangANIKwestarSATS.aif.mp4 - acknowledges his intitive vision. Keywords: satellite triangulation; geometric satellite triangulation networking, mesh networks Downloads: 16 tbc

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